VERO   is WEB OPAC & SERVICE PLATFORM (Search Engine / Discovery Tool) of new, third generation that uses the logical and physical model of the Oracle database normalized and aligned with conceptual model FRBR of Bibliographic and conceptual model FRAD of Authority data. VERO provides to the user a totally new experience in finding results by means of holistic approach to searching Bibliographic and Authority databases. It covers all the headings like authors, subjects and titles, as well as corresponding references. The system allows "Google like" combining words from the author, title (main, uniform and added), and subject terms (controled and freely shaped), ISBN, ISSN and Publisher in the first place, and afterwards combining words only from authors, subjects or titles. Besides filtering on entities like FORMAT, PUBLISHING YEAR, LANGUAGE and location of ownership (HOLDINGS), successive refining of results by AUTHOR and SUBJECT is provided. New search on a statistical basis is offered. The data model recognizes SIMILAR WORKS allong with Other editions (FRBR Group1 Bibliographic Entities - WORK-MANIFESTATION relation). Search results are sorted by relevance. Each Item in the search list has Popularity ranking (Star rating). Compatibility with all browsers (with or without Ajax and Java Scripts) is supported as well as UNICODE character set. Uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) from Desktop to Smartphone. Functionally the system can work in two ways:

·        independently with any Integrated Library System (ILS) being able to export data in UNIMARC or MARC21 ISO-2709 format, in a way that new and modified data are daily or more frequently automatically updated. In this way the current system, whose data model can't be frbrized, gets Web OPAC of new generation, while maintaining all other functions and does not have to be replaced.

·        coupled with Crolist integrated library system VERO provides real time functionality that existing systems do not have, by means of intelligently accessing existing library data. When optimized for Crolist, VERO can show the user the number of ordered copies of the title, number of copies on loan, the current state of holdings, and enable him to place hold on titles via the web without being afraid that this information is not up to date (OLTP Web 2.0).

Depending on the type of catalog, VERO comes in two versions: the Union Catalogue (Consortium wide , County wide or University Campus wide), and a Local Catalog (Academic libraries, National libraries, Public libraries), special libraries, middle school, elementary school). Both versions operate independently or in case of being paired with Crolist can be interconnected to and integrated with the module for managing and displaying the digitized material.

Vero Resource Management module uses API for automatic interchanging of metadata with other Vendor's Digital Repositories, that hold a wide range of materials for a variety of purposes.

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Author, Title, Subject, words, ISBN, ISSN, Publisher

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